Friday, December 27, 2013

We May Never Know...

Both Boyfriend and I are off of work until Monday and decided to begin our Louis and Clark exploration of Pittsburgh's eateries early.  Boyfriend requested a "good burger" for our dinner, so naturally, I executed a "best burger in Pittsburgh" search on Google. 

Luckily, WPXI had already thought of this for us and conducted a contest in February 2013.  Fox Chapel's Burgatory was crowned the victor in this particular contest. As we are already avid fans of the Create Your Own Burger joint with a plentiful draft list, we opted for the third place winner, Bubba's Gourmet Burghers and Beer. 

Bubba's is located in Bridgeville, Pa and is owned by its namesake, the Star 100.7 radio personality.  Going into this, I should have known better, considering the minute the music stops on 100.7 and the DJ speaks, I switch stations. But, we wanted a new place to visit for delicious burgers and decided to give it a try.

While approaching the restaurant, we noticed that, aside from a mob of children and parents preparing to leave, the place was not too crowded.  We opened the door and immediately looked at one another with concern. 

Running the length of the bar were several televisions showing some sporting event that I didn't care about. Considering Bubba's is a sports bar, I was neither surprised nor bothered by this; however, the volume was absurdly loud. I mean ABSURDLY loud. 

We were informed by the bartender that we would have about a 10 to 15 minute wait for a table, so we happily took seats at the bar to enjoy  a beer.... Until we noticed that only two beers were featured on draft and both were Sam Adams. Perhaps Bubba's should strip the "beer" part of their title. There was no bottle list either, so we assumed that the bartender could help. 

After about ten minutes of being ignored by said bartender, we were finally asked if we wanted a drink. Having never tried Sam Adams Old Fezziwig, I asked her to describe it for me. She stared at me, said she never had it, and said "I don't know... It's a holiday beer," before waltzing off to help her regulars. At least I think that's what she said, but I can't be sure since my hearing will forever be impaired from the loudest football game ever. She finally came back and provided a sample of Old Fezziwig. We ordered two and watched the bartender juggle several customers, while another employee stood at the end of the bar laughing. 

Although I was annoyed at her lack of positive customer service, I did feel sorry for the bartender, as it seems that Bubba's is severely understaffed, despite the fact that it wasn't that busy. We toyed with the idea of ordering an appetizer while I searched for another place to eat online. After the 50th time of Boyfriend saying something and my answering him with "huh?! I can't hear you," we paid for our beers and hightailed it out of there toward Burgatory. 

Does Bubba's have beer? Yes, but the selection was sparse. Does Bubba's have good burgers? Unfortunately, we'll never know, but I will attest that Burgatory has both, which is why it was voted supreme. Lesson learned. Third place is still a loser.

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